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Current Regulations

Kitsap County Board of Health Ordinance 2008A-01
Onsite Sewage System Use, Monitoring and Maintenance Field Manual
Local Management Plan
DOH Class B Vertical Separation Waiver
DOH Class B Disinfection Waiver
Fee Schedule

Current Policies

Please Note: Begining 06/01/2016 the Policies section of this page will be contained within a new live document tool. If you would like to use the new Policy Library now, please follow this link.


Policy # Name
1 Onsite Sewage Systems Use, Monitoring & Maintenance Field Manual
2 Universal Site Plan
3 Building Site Applications - Redesign, Re-inspection, and Minor Plan Revision Fees
4 Building Site Applications – Criteria for Denial
5 Sewage System Installation Permits – Criteria for Rejection and Application of Rejection/Re-Inspection Fee
6 Tank Risers Accessibility Clarification Incorporated into KCHBOH - 2008A-01
7 Requirements for Special Residential Situations
8 Monitoring & Maintenance Reports and Installation Set-ups - Criteria for Rejection and Re-Submittal Fee
9 Wet Season Soil Evaluation to Determine Vertical Separation
10 Discovery Procedures for OSS without Records
11 Building Clearance Exemptions
12 Construction Standards for Curtain Drains
13 Construction Standards for Soil Logs
14 Dispersal Bed Waiver Criteria for Type 4 Soils and Width
15 Minor Repairs
16 Groundwater Interceptors for Tanks
17 Table 8 Repairs
18 Pressure Distribution Systems
19 Subsurface Drip Systems
20 Intermittent Sand Filters
21 Archived - Now included in Policy #25
Repair / Replacement Procedures for Glendon BioFilters, Mounds & Sand Filters
23 Record of Construction Application Procedures
24 Media Standards for All Media Based Treatment Systems
Approved Media Providers
25 Remediation - Policy
26 Water Supply Lines and Septic Systems: Pipe Sleeving Policy
27 Allowance for Providing Temporary or Periodic Relief for a Drainfield Lateral
28 UV Disinfection Device Installation Requirements
29 Terralift - Policy
30 Maintenance Specialist & Pumper Certification Enforcement
31 Construction Standards for Sand Lined Trench Systems
(Bottom-less sand filters)
32 Aerobic Treatment Unit Requirements
33 Drainfield Pipe Policy
34 Certification Requirements for Installers, Monitoring & Maintenance Service Providers, and Pumpers
35 Certified Individuals and Subcontracting Work
36 Maintenance Contract Fees
37 Onsite Sewage System Inspection Call-in Policy
38 Building Permit Number Requirements for Onsite Sewage System Installation Permits

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