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Regular maintenance and safety measures help keep septic systems safe and environmentally friendly. Follow the safety guidelines below — check out our other septic system resources for information about how you can keep your system running safely and properly and protecting your investment!

Know where your septic system is located

If you’re unsure of where your septic system and drainfield are, contact the Kitsap Public Health District at (360) 728-2235 or search online for your property’s record drawing. Knowing this information is important because you can avoid:

  • Children and pets from playing around the septic tank lid(s).
  • Construction of structures over the drainfield.
  • Cars and heavy equipment parked on your drainfield

Walk your property routinely to observe potential safety or health risks and take steps to address them

  • Check the drainfield and down slope areas for broken equipment, holes, odors, wet spots or surfacing sewage. Exposure to bacteria can cause a health risk to people, pets and the environment.

Make sure your septic tank lid(s) properly cover the opening and are secure and durable

  • Check for damages and cracks and make sure the lid is securely fastened to prevent injuries and falls into the tank.  Lids can become brittle from the sun and weather and should be replaced if damaged.

Instruct children not to play around septic tank lids or in the drainfield

  • Kids are naturally curious and love to explore outdoors. But playing around the septic tank or trying to open the lid can be dangerous. Kids or pets can be seriously injured from falls into or around the tank, and exposure to bacteria can cause health risks

Have your system inspected regularly by a septic service professional certified by the Kitsap Public Health District

The inspection will ensure proper system operation and let you know if pumping is needed. A list of certified septic service professionals can be found here.  Inspections help:

  • Protect ground, surface and drinking water from contamination.
  • Prevent bacterial pollution from entering Puget Sound directly or through storm water run-off into creeks and streams.
  • Identify problems early which can prevent injuries and/or expensive repairs. 

Contact us at (360) 728-2235 with questions or for assistance!

Download our Septic System Safety fact sheet.


Adapted with permission from Tacoma-Pierce Co. Health Department Keep Your Septic System Safe

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