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Does your drinking water come from a private well* or a public water system**?

Would you know who to call if your water stopped flowing?

It's important to know the source of your water. Only 80 percent of Kitsap residents are served by large public water utilities. It's important to be confident your water is safe and reliable.

Kitsap Public Health District safeguards water for Kitsap residents by conducting routine inspections according to local and state regulations. We also work to ensure drinking-water wells are properly located, designed, and built, while producing an adequate supply of water that meets strict standards for safety and quality.

Whether you are constructing a public water system or a private well—or you simply need a well inspection to sell your property—our goal is to work with you to develop and maintain a safe and reliable drinking water supply. The links lefthand menu include instructions, required forms, and information to make the process easy.


* A private well is one that serves up to two residential connections.

** The state defines a public water system as any well that serves more than one residential connection, and classifies them by number of users. Group B systems serve between 2 and 14 connections. Group A systems serve 15 or more connections or 25 or more people per day for 60 or more days a year. Kitsap County has an exemption that allows a two-party residential system that meets certain criteria to be classified as a private well.

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