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You need a Residential Building Clearance from the Health District if:
  • You have an existing septic system; and,
  • Your construction project requires Health District approval in order to obtain your building permit.
You also need a Connection Permit from the Health District if:
  • Your project includes a new connection to your septic system; or,
  • Your project includes disconnecting a structure from your septic system and connecting a new structure to your septic system. i.e., replacing a Mobile Home with a new Mobile Home or Stick-Built building.

Residential Building Clearance Requirements

A Permitted Septic System and Reserve

You must have a permitted septic system and a designated reserve area to qualify for a Building Clearance. A reserve area is an area of your property set aside to accommodate a new septic drainfield in the event that your existing drainfield fails. You can check your septic records online.

  • If your septic system is not permitted, you do not qualify for a Building Clearance and will have to go through a different process to get your Health District approval to obtain your building permit. Call the Health District for details. (360) 728-2235
  • If your septic system is permitted, but you do not have a designated reserve area call the Health District for guidance before applying for a Building Clearance. We will check your property records and direct you to an inspector who can explain your options. (360) 728-2235

A Building Clearance Application

You can apply online; or you can fill out a paper application and submit it to the Health District. You can do this by mail, but we strongly suggest you submit in person so our friendly permit techs can give your proposal a preliminary review before submittal.

A Site Plan

The Health District requires a scaled site plan. We have developed Site Plan Requirements to help you meet all of the criteria.

Read the requirements carefully. The most common reason for a delay of review is an incomplete or inaccurate site plan. Be sure to use your As-built or Record of Construction drawing to reference the septic components.

If you apply online, you will need to attach a pdf of your scaled site plan.

If you apply in person you will need to bring a copy of your scaled site plan with you.

A Current Maintenance or Pump Report
for Your Septic System

If you have an alternative septic system with a maintenance contract, a current report should already be available.

If you have a standard gravity septic system, the Health District will check to see if you have a current pump report (within the last three years).

You can check for maintenance/pump reports here.

Drinking Water Requirements

For all proposals, public water systems must meet be in full compliance with applicable regulations and private water supplies must be in compliance with WAC 173-160 (well construction standards). Certain proposals require full water adequacy for private wells. Examples include: replacement of an existing residence, adding bedrooms to an existing residence, and constructing an accessory dwelling unit or guest house.

A Connection Permit (If Applicable)

You can find the Connection Permit here.

If you are submitting your Building Clearance Application and Connection permit online, you will need to:

  • print this permit
  • fill it out and sign it
  • scan it
  • attach the signed permit to your online Building Clearance Application
If you are submitting in person, you will need to bring your connection permit with you.

Keep in mind that you will need an additional Health District inspection when you have made your septic connection.

  • You can request an inspection of your connection here.
  • You will need to attach a Record of Construction to your inspection request. When the Record of Construction form opens, choose Connection as the Permit Type to view the proper form.
  • If your connection also required the addition of a new component (i.e. a pump tank) you will want to choose Tank Replacement as the Permit Type instead.
  • attach the signed permit to your online Building Clearance Application
Leave your connection uncovered until the Health District conducts the inspection. The Health District cannot allow your Building Permit Final until this connection is inspected and approved.

The most common reasons for delayed review or approval are:

  • Incomplete/inaccurate site plans. Read the site plan requirements carefully. In your records you should find a septic design, which will include property shape and dimensions, and your As-Built or Record of Construction, which will illustrate how your septic system was installed.
  • Entering the wrong person as the applicant (for online submittals).
  • Submitting the Building Clearance before the required septic tank pumping is done.
  • Failing to submit the Connection Permit at the time of Building Clearance submittal (if applicable)
  • Forgetting to notify the Health District that the septic connection is ready for inspection. When you make the new connection to your septic system, you will need to leave the connection exposed for inspection. You can notify the Health District that your connection is ready for inspection here. Requests submitted before 3:30 p.m. will be inspected within 48 business hours.


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