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kitsap food advisory council

Established in 2019, the Kitsap Food Advisory Council (KFAC) is a partnership between voluntary industry and public representatives, as well as food safety inspectors from the Kitsap Public Health District.  KFAC’s mission is to promote food safety in Kitsap County through:

  • Improved relations between the Health District, food service industry, and the public.
  • Policy and procedures review, evaluation, and development.
  • Development of educational materials.
  • Advisement to the Health District on food service industry issues affecting public health.
  • Input on fee schedules.
  • Discussion of current or emerging food safety concerns.


KFAC members are dedicated stakeholders of the public and the food service industry. The Council strives to include members from a variety of backgrounds to represent the community.

We are continuously accepting applications! If you are interested in joining KFAC, please complete the on-line membership application. You may also print and mail a hard copy of the application.


Anyone may submit a food safety-related issue or topic to the Council for their consideration.  KFAC will review and discuss submitted items that are within the scope of KFAC.  Examples of topics that may be brought to KFAC are:

If you’d like to submit an issue, concern, or recommendation to KFAC, complete the online submission form.  You may also contact Dayna Katula at 360-728-2301 or at  Submissions must be received at least 14 days prior to the next scheduled meeting.  Please note that complaints about specific food establishments or inspectors will not be reviewed by the Council and will be addressed separately.


The Kitsap Food Advisory Council meets twice per year at the Kitsap Public Health District office.

If you have questions, please call us at (360) 728-2235 or email Sign-up here to receive information and notifications for food establishments from Kitsap Public Health District.

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