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Please be aware: Due to laboratory timelines, Health District review may exceed 7 days if the Health District is requested to take water samples. It is highly recommended that applications are submitted prior to 30 days of closing, per the regulatory requirements.

How do I know if I need a Water Status Report
for conveyance of a property?
You can use our GIS Mapping System to find out if you need a Water Status Report.

To get started, search for your parcel and click on it. A window will open and will include information if you are connected to a Group A or Group B public water system; or if you are served by a 1- or 2-party private water well. There will also be an indication if the Water Status Report is up to date, or if you need to apply for a new one. Questions? Call us at 360-728-2235 and ask to speak to the Drinking Water & Onsite Sewage Program inspector of the day.

We have online and paper submittal options for Property Conveyance Applications and/or Water Status Reports. Applications received at the same time will be granted a reduced fee in the amount equal to our current hourly rate (1- and 2-party private water sources only). Below are options for applying for Property Conveyance Applications and Water Status Reports:


Need an amended Property Conveyance Application or Water Status Report for a property? You can fill out the online application or fill out the appropriate paper application from the options in the above list.

Please allow seven business days for review and processing. Applications received after 3:30 p.m. will be dated as if received on the following business day.

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