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When you construct a private well, your water supply must meet certain requirements. We will work with your licensed well driller to ensure your well is properly constructed. A permit is necessary before construction begins. Your septic designer or well driller will guide you on the type of permit you need.

The following are required before we are able to approve your water supply:

  1. A copy of the water-well construction report (called a well log) from your well driller;
  2. A copy of the pump test (usually performed by your well driller) that proves your well produces at least five gallons of water per minute per residential connection;
  3. A copy of a bacteria test (performed by a state-approved lab) proving there are no bacteria in the well water;
  4. A chemical analysis of your well water, showing the level of iron, manganese, nitrate, chloride, and conductivity (known as the "Kitsap 5"). This test must be conducted by a state-approved lab;
  5. A copy of your private well system design worksheet, usually completed by your well driller;
  6. Depending on the well's location, we may require that you and your neighbors sign an agreement to abide by covenants that protect the well's water quality.

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