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We use reliable data to assess and understand the population profile and health issues and trends in Kitsap County: Who lives in our community? How healthy and safe are we? How healthy are our behaviors and lifestyles? What are the epidemiological trends in disease?

By using data to understand the County’s most pressing health issues, and using the science of epidemiology to understand the factors that can cause them, we can prioritize public health resources to improve the specific health issues we face.

Our data are useful to a wide range of community members: a doctor might be interested in the current infectious disease rates; health data might be beneficial for a grant application that would bring more resources to our county; a student could use health data in a school report; and simple curiosity might compel your own interest.


We publish an annual health indicators report that summarizes key health conditions and health-related behaviors as well as factors influencing the health and well-being of Kitsap residents. We also publish a report that compares Kitsap County’s results to average results for all people in Washington State.

We respond to data requests from organizations and individuals. For example, a school principal might ask for reliable data about the safety of artificial turf. An agency might request an assessment on a particular issue so they can demonstrate needs and advocate for resources to improve community health.

We review data from community healthcare providers to identify spikes in illnesses or symptoms that could be an early warning of food or water contamination, contagious diseases, or other hazards that can affect your health.

For more information or to request data, please contact:

Siri Kushner, Program Manager
(360) 633-9239

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