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In the State of Washington, solid waste facilities are regulated by the Health District who are required to adopt regulations as least as stringent as the state regulations. In Kitsap County, the regulations governing Solid Waste Handling Permits are compiled in Kitsap County Board of Health Ordinance 2010-1, Solid Waste Regulations. These local regulations adopt the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 173-350 with only minor changes.

Under these regulations, certain types of facilities and operations are required to get a Solid Waste Handling Permit from us prior to operation. These facilities include:

  1. Solid Waste Haulers
  2. Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
  3. Inert Waste Landfills
  4. Limited Purpose Landfills
  5. Commercial Composting Operations
  6. Land Application Facilities
  7. Energy Recovery and Incineration
  8. Intermediate Solid Waste Handling Facilities (drop boxes, transfer stations)
  9. Piles for Storage or Treatment
  10. Surface Impoundments and Tanks
  11. Waste Tire Storage and Transportation
  12. Moderate Risk Waste

Solid Waste Permit Application

Solid Waste Permit Renewal


To assist in the preparation and review of a solid waste permit application, the following checklists provide more specific requirements based on the applicable regulation.


Annual Reports are required for the following facilities and must be submitted to the Health District and the Department of Ecology by April 1 of each year:


Solid Waste Regulations provide that certain solid waste facilities are exempt from solid waste permitting, if they meet certain requirements and operating procedures. These facilities include certain recycling facilities, small compost facilities, certain intermediate solid waste handling facilities, certain piles used for treatment or storage, and certain moderate risk waste facilities.

One of the requirements is for the facility to notify the Department of Ecology (DOE) and the local jurisdictional health department of its intent to operate as a facility exempt under chapter 173- 350 WAC. For most exempt facilities, there is also an annual reporting requirement.

To assist facilities, DOE has developed notification forms. To access the form, click on the form number below. To access the section of the rule with specific requirements, click on the rule section below:

  • Form ECY 040-153 - Notification of Exemption from a Solid Waste Permit for a Recycling Facility Under WAC 173-350-210(b) and for a Materials Recovery Facility Under WAC 173-350-310(2)
  • Form ECY 040-154 - Notification of Exemption from a Solid Waste Permit for a Composting operation Under WAC 173-350-220
  • Form ECY 040-156 - Notification of Exemption from a Solid Waste Permit for Storage of Inert Waste in Piles Under WAC 173-350-320(1)(d)
  • Form ECY 040-157 - Notification of Exemption from a Solid Waste Permit for a MRW Mobile System or Collection Event Under WAC 173-350-360(2)
  • Form ECY 040-158 - Notification of Exemption from a Solid Waste Permit for a Limited MRW Facility Under WAC 73-350-210(b)

Note that the section and subsection in Kitsap County Board of Health Ord. 2010 are the same as those found in Chapter 173-350 WAC referenced above. Facilities claiming one of the exemptions listed above are required to complete and submit the appropriate form to the Kitsap Public Health District and the Department of Ecology 30 days prior to operation.


If you’re concerned about how a household or business is handling its garbage or hazardous waste, you can ask us to nvestigate. To file a complaint, call the Solid and Hazardous Waste Program at 360-728-2235, or you may contact us online.

If you believe the situation creates an IMMEDIATE danger to life, health, or the environment, call 911.

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