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If you’re concerned about how a household or business is handling its garbage or hazardous waste, you can ask us to investigate. To file a complaint, call the Solid and Hazardous Waste Program at 360-728-2235, or you may contact us online.

If you believe the situation creates an IMMEDIATE danger to life, health, or the environment, call 911.

We respond to complaints related to the improper storage and disposal of solid waste throughout Kitsap County. Solid waste is any material (solid, liquid or semi-solid) including garbage, rubbish, ashes, industrial waste, agricultural waste, construction and demolition waste, land clearing waste, junk vehicles, equipment or their parts, and many other discarded items.

Some complaints involve the improper storage or disposal of an individual's waste on his or her own property. Others involve the illegal placement or dumping of solid waste on another person's property or on public property.

The ultimate responsibility for compliance with the law falls on the property owner, whether or not they are personally causing the problem.

When we investigate, we usually first ask the responsible party to correct the problem within a specified period of time and give them information about how to do it correctly. If they don’t correct the violation by the deadline, there are several ways we can enforce the law, ranging from fines or work stoppage orders up to and including court injunctions, permit revocations and criminal penalties. All violators have the right to appeal our decisions before the Health Officer, the Board of Health, or in court.


We may be able to issue a solid waste voucher to a property owner who has been the victim of illegal dumping on his or her property. This voucher may be used at an approved disposal facility within Kitsap County to pay for disposal fees. In exchange, the property owner agrees to take actions necessary to limit access to the property to deter future dumping. We will provide "No Dumping" signs for posting.

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