Banner Food Safety: Keeping you and your family, and our county's many visitors, safe from foodborne illness.


Kitsap restaurants, espresso stands, and farmers markets. Grocery stores, school and camp kitchens, and festival food booths. Guided by local and state regulations, we license and inspect these food operations to ensure they use safe food handling practices.


Keeping you and your family—and our county’s many visitors—safe from foodborne illness is our job. Our efforts on your behalf include:

  • Inspecting restaurants for proper food handling and cleanliness;
  • Ensuring food workers are trained in safe food handling practices;
  • Investigating foodborne illness reports to locate the sources and correct the causes;
  • Publicizing food recall information;
  • Issuing temporary food service permits and inspecting food booths at community events.

You can also view the Inspection Scores of Food Service Establishments in Kitsap County

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