Proposed Drinking Water Regulations Changes

The Kitsap Public Health District is proposing to update the local Drinking Water ordinance to address Group B water system management and monitoring requirements. The revised regulations propose to:

  • Formally adopt the new Washington State Group B Water system design requirements.
  • Require an annual operating permit for all Group B water systems.
  • Require that sanitary surveys be conducted every 5 years for Group B systems that do not have a full time Department of Health-approved manager.
  • Require that any person selling property served by a private well or Group B water system acquire a water status report from the Health District to be provided to the prospective purchaser of the property.


Group B Water Systems (formerly classified as "Class IV" water systems) are small, public water systems that serve between 3 and 14 residential connections. There are approximately 870 Group B water systems providing water to more than 4,000 households in Kitsap County.

Ordinance 2017-1

Summary of proposed new requirements

Affected parties



Proposed cost *

More information

Group B water systems
Operating permit
Group B water systems
Sanitary survey (inspection)
Every 5 years
Group B water systems and owners of homes served by private wells.
Water status report (WSR) is required for any person selling a property served by a public/group B or private (1- or 2-party) well.
Required only for property conveyance (sale). Letter is valid for 3 years.
$327 (inclusive of septic conveyance inspection (PCI) and drinking water WSR)

*Proposed fees must be approved by the Kitsap Public Health Board.

Submit feedback:

The public is invited to submit feedback or comments on the regulations changes in any of the following ways:

The deadline for submitting feedback has been extended indefinitely.

  1. Online or via email to

  2. In writing via mail or in person

    To: Drinking Water Regulations Changes
    Kitsap Public Health District
    345 6th St., Ste. 300
    Bremerton, WA 98310

  3. By phone

    call 360-728-2205.

  4. In person

    Kitsap Public Health District
    345 6th St., Ste. 300
    Bremerton, WA 98310

Public listening session

Thursday, March 16, 2017 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Norm Dicks Government Center Chambers, Bremerton

Proposed public hearing TBD

Drinking Water Regulations Revisions Timeline*



March 7, 2017
Regulations changes presented to the Kitsap Public Health Board at regular monthly Board meeting
March 16, 2017
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Public listening session
Chambers, Norm Dicks Government Center, Bremerton
Date TBD
Deadline to submit comments via email, website, telephone or mail.
April 4, 2017
Update to the Board during the Kitsap Public Health Board monthly meeting
May 2, 2017
Present revised ordinance to Board based on public feedback (date subject to change)
Second public listening session to gather feedback on revised ordinance
Deadline to submit comments on revised ordinance via email, website, telephone or mail.
Public hearing
Adoption of Regulations changes
Implementation of Group B sanitary survey requirement
Implementation of Group B / private well water status report requirements (only required when property served by a private well or Group B system is sold)
Invoices sent for Group B annual operating permits
Group B water system operating permits required

*Subject to change

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