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COVID-19 Data Dashboards & Reports
KPHD Daily
Surveillance Report

Daily update of case, contacts, deaths, vaccines given, and more.

Updated 2 p.m. weekdays.
Kitsap County
COVID-19 Overview

Cases, testing, hospitalizations, deaths.

Updated Thursdays
Testing and
Case Investigation

Testing volumes and testing facilities, active cases and contacts, investigation timelines.

Last updated May 27

Case Demographics

Cases by age, race/ethnicity, and language.

Updated Thursdays
Healthcare System

COVID-19 hospitalizations, ICU occupancy, ventilators in use.

Updated Thursdays
School Metrics

Metrics referenced in state guidance for schools.

Updated Daily

COVID-19 Vaccination

Kitsap residents vaccinated, vaccines given by Kitsap facilities, vaccine allocations, and more.

Updated Tuesdays
COVID-19 Vaccination Demographics

Kitsap County residents vaccinated by age, sex, geographic area, and race/ethnicity.

Updated Tuesdays
Respiratory Illness Overview

Compares Influenza, pneumonia, RSV and COVID-19 trends.

Last updated May 27

COVID-19 Case Characteristics Report

Lab-Confirmed case characteristics, including volume, demographics, symptoms, asymptomatic, and more.

Updated Monthly
Kitsap COVID-19 Community Survey

The third and final release of survey data from Kitsap County Community Health and Well-being COVID-19 Survey.

Final Result, June 3, 2020
KPHD Weekly
Surveillance Report

Weekly update of case, contacts, deaths, vaccines given, and more.

Updated Tuesdays

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