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COVID-19 Data Dashboards & Reports
KPHD Daily
Surveillance Report

Daily update of case, contacts, deaths, vaccines given, and more.

Updated 2 p.m. weekdays.
Kitsap County
COVID-19 Overview

Cases, testing, hospitalizations, deaths.

Updated Thursdays
Testing and
Case Investigation

Testing volumes and testing facilities, active cases and contacts, investigation timelines.

Updated Thursdays

Case Demographics

Cases by age, race/ethnicity, and language.

Updated Thursdays
Healthcare System

COVID-19 hospitalizations, ICU occupancy, ventilators in use.

Updated Thursdays
School Metrics

Metrics referenced in state guidance for schools.

Updated Daily

COVID-19 Vaccination

Kitsap residents vaccinated, vaccines given by Kitsap facilities, vaccine allocations, and more.

Updated Mondays
COVID-19 Vaccination Demographics

Kitsap County residents vaccinated by age, sex, geographic area, and race/ethnicity.

Updated Mondays
Respiratory Illness Overview

Compares Influenza, pneumonia, RSV and COVID-19 trends.

Updated Mondays

COVID-19 Case Characteristics Report

Lab-Confirmed case characteristics, including volume, demographics, symptoms, asymptomatic, and more.

Updated Monthly
Kitsap COVID-19 Community Survey

The third and final release of survey data from Kitsap County Community Health and Well-being COVID-19 Survey.

Final Result, June 3, 2020
KPHD Weekly
Surveillance Report

Weekly update of case, contacts, deaths, vaccines given, and more.

Updated Mondays

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