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Between May and September, to help protect you and your family from water-borne illnesses, we monitor 26 lake swimming beaches for toxic algae blooms and bacteria. We also monitor 15 of the most popular marine—or saltwater—swimming beaches for bacteria. 

Bacteria from human and animal waste can make its way into swimming waters and make people sick. While some algae blooms are safe and occur in a lake’s normal lifecycle, toxic algae can make humans and pets very sick—and can even be deadly.

If a swimming beach must be closed because of unsafe water quality, we:

  • Post warnings along affected areas and on our website;
  • Engage the local media to publicize the situation;
  • Post the information on our Facebook page;
  • Distribute information though our list serve.

Please report algae blooms, people or pets that become sick after being in the water, or large numbers of dead fish to us so we can investigate and, if necessary, warn others. 

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