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In Kitsap County, a water supply that serves three or more residential connections or serves the public (such as a store or park) is called a public water system. There are two kinds of public water systems, based on the number of users:

  • Group B. These water systems serve from two to 14 connections. (Kitsap County has an exemption for water systems with only two connections to qualify as a private two-party well provided certain criteria are met. See Private Two-Party Policy.)
  • Group A. These water systems serve 15 connections or more, or serve 25 or more people per day for 60 days or more per year.

Kitsap Public Health District is responsible for the oversight of construction and monitoring of all Group B water systems in Kitsap County. We also assist the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) by inspecting Group A systems with up to 100 connections. DOH oversees all other public water systems.

For more information, see Managing Group B water systems

12/2016 Update: Kitsap Public Health District is in the process of updating our existing local ordinance to address Group B water system management and monitoring requirements, and is recommending changes to the existing ordinance. Please visit our Proposed Water Regulation web page for more information.

  • Map showing the location and ID numbers of public water systems in the county.
  • List of the public water systems in the county.

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